Chris Martin @ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire press conference in LA.


Chris Martin @ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire press conference in LA.

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Charlie Brown - Live 2012

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Happy Halloween! Memories of 2008…

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Hey guys! I’m going to spend a few days in London on November 13 (I first planned on October 23 but I’ve been told that Coldplay was not here for 2 weeks) I want to share my full trip to the Coldplay studios here on tumblr and you can be part of my adventure. Basically, what I want you to do is very simple:

  • Write something (a letter, a postcard, whatever) for Coldplay in english, you are obviously free to write whatever you want. You don’t need to be worried about the number of pages. I would rather prefer a handwritten letter but you don’t have to. Make something beautiful so you can be proud of and remember, at the end of the day your letter is going to be given to Coldplay so it’s better to be creative!
  • You have to write your country and your email at the end of your work so I can contact you quickly if something is wrong.
  • You can also add an artwork, a drawing, a picture…  It can be anything!
  • Scan your work or take a picture of it.
  • Send me your work in an email at vikien.tran3@gmail.com (hey hey hey don’t look at me like that, it’s just my name)
  • You can also send it to me in my askbox so you have to put a download link of your work.
  • That’s it! It’s done! i will print your work and i’ll try my best to give it to Chris, Jonny, Guy, Will or Phil. If they are not there, i’ll make sure to give it to someone who knows them at their studio. I will probably send you an email when it’s done.
  • Reblog this post and spread the info so everyone can see.

IMPORTANT: The deadline is set at 12 p.m (UK time) on November 11.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask me here. And thank you for being part of this project! xx

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Happy birthday Mylo Xyloto!


Happy birthday Mylo Xyloto!

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Coldplay is my hero graffiti [x]

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Mylo Xyloto

Released October 19th, 2011

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Coldplay - Christmas Lights

so its this time of the year again

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